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Sometimes people need to pick up a phone and and hear a real person on the line. 

Phone-based ministry is easier than ever with Echo. 

With robust VoIP technology and advanced routing systems, rest assured that calls will get through. 

Get started taking calls fast, without all the technical hassle.

Easily direct phone calls to your ministry through Echo using your existing phone number or obtain a new number through Echo.
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No Call Limits

Echo can handle an unlimited number of volunteers and calls at the same time. 

Toll-free and Short-codes

Echo allows you to use any kind of phone number, including toll-free numbers and short-codes.

Route calls to a landline, too!

Echo can route calls from people directly to your team's landline.  This is especially helpful if the team has bad internet connectivity.

Listen to Call Recordings

Echo retains audio files of all calls allowing you to review the calls for training or intervention.

"Press 1 for....Press 2 for...

With Echo you can record an introduction message and set up call menus for all your ministry functions. 

Transfer Any Call to Any Volunteer

Volunteers can easily transfer calls to other volunteers or to management simply and seamlessly. 

See what's really going on.

It is vitally important to know that what you are doing is accomplishing the work you are called to do. Echo gives you all the data you need to make that judgement.

What, exactly, are we accomplishing?

Call recording, call statistics, conversation tags and clearly defined outcomes give you a clear picture of the outcome of conversations. 

How Many Calls Did We Miss Last Night?

Echo's robust data reporting allows you to view "heat maps" that show clearly how many calls are coming in, how many are being answered, and how many are being missed allowing you to adjust staffing accordingly. 

Take calls anywhere.

Echo allows you to take phone calls in a web browser, smartphone, or tablet.