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Echo Texting

Real Text Conversations with Seekers

Echo's text system is designed for ministry, allowing you to build relationships with seekers like never before.

We support the text numbers you already use. And maybe a few you don't, yet. 

Echo seamlessly integrates with all your contact numbers.
Phone numbers & Toll-free numbers

Echo allows you to choose from a large inventory of phone numbers available in over 30 coutnries.  

Do you support shortcode? Of course.

Use your own short code or we can help you find one that works for you. 

Link phone numbers & email address easily
Echo's advanced data management system allows you to gather email addresses and link them to phone numbers in ways that no other ministry software can. 

Powerful Autoresponder System

Create and schedule dynamic text response chains that can also include embedded multimedia files.
Echo Demo

Unlimited Keywords and Wildcards

As your texting outreach grows, Echo can grow with you. Add as many keywords as you need to respond to seeker texts.


Work fast AND stay connected with seekers

Intelligent Routing

There is no time limit on conversations. A conversation with a seeker stays active until you close it. That way, anytime the seeker sends a response, it's routed to you no matter how long it's been since you last talked. 

Review and Continue

Text conversations can be very long and cover a broad range of subjects. Echo's powerful information management system allows you to keep track of the topics as the conversation goes on. The record of the conversation is also available for future volunteers that may talk with the seeker.