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We talk to YouTuber/Apologist David Wood about how to get your YouTube videos seen by the most people. With almost 270,000 subscribers and 63 Million views, David knows the formula to a successful video.

With over 2.5 million conversations we've come to witness the good, the bad, and the ugly of online evangelism conversation. We've found solutions to 5 of the biggest mistakes and are making them available to you in one download!


Co-Founder of a business that  experienced over 1000% growth from 2013 to 2016 shares with us how they grew so fast, how they survived, and what is next.

Need Him Global and Echo Global team up to bring you the 10 best practices for online evangelism.

Take a look at Starbucks Coffee's LITERAL customer service handbook, The Green Apron Book, with a former barista and learn how it can help lead to better online evangelism experiences.


Success in your social media strategy might be easier than you think... What if a social media expert gave you the six simple steps to run your team through in order to see success?

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Business Terminology in Online Ministry

We believe that ministries should be using the same marketing terminology as for-profit businesses. Why? Find out in this episode with Daniel Hall, Chief Creative Officer, and André Dantzler.

David Wood's 7 Pillars of YouTube

David Wood's YouTube channel has over 268,000 subscribers and almost 64,000,000 views. In this video David shares his 7 secrets to going viral, building a rabid following, and creating a hit YouTube channel. David shares how he build Acts17Apologetics into the most-subscribed Christian apologetics channel on YouTube. Engaging and entertaining, "can't-look-away", content is the key, of course, but knowing the basics about YouTube's algorithm, maximizing keywords, perfecting your release timing, even the title of the video can help your content get more views and subscriptions. Take the advice of someone who has succeeded on You Tube to grow your channel more than ever.

Texting and Ministry | The Pros and Cons

Pete Miller, President of NeedHim Global, discusses the pros and cons of doing text evangelism with Andre Dantzler. NeedHim began as a phone call only ministry, but as technology developed we've watched communication styles and preferences evolve. The ministry now takes phone calls, web chats, and most recently text messages through the Echo Global communication platform. Andre also introduces Echo's autoresponder and "wild card" text response features often used at events and in movies. Echo has been involved with several recent theatrical releases such as, I Can Only Imagine, Woodlawn, and The Heart of Man.

Live Event Social Media Graphics | Graphic Designer Talks Real-time Strategy

Graphic designer Kyle Barrett joins us on Echo Conversations to discuss strategies for live event social media graphics. Kyle has experience working for some of the largest Christian conferences and organizations doing real-time graphic design response for both event attenders and for advertising and marketing. Daniel and Kyle discuss the nuances of good and bad social media image and video and what works best for organic reach and making your images pop.

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