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David Wood's 7 Pillars of YouTube

 A YouTube strategy guide from a successful YouTuber and evangelist with over 250,000 subscribers... and counting! Grow your YouTube audience and watch your video metrics explode.

Build an active and engaged audience with viral videos

YouTuber/Apologist David Wood explains how he built an audience of over 265,000 subscribers with more than 61 Million views. From start to finish, David shares all the tactics, tools, and tips in David Wood's 7 Pillars of YouTube.

Get to know YouTube's Algorithm
David explains how you live and die by YouTube's algorithm. He guides us through exactly how to navigate the video robot overlords. Be seen and heard by your audience with YouTube's help.
Content is king, but...
You have to know how to get your content in front of the people who want your content. David explains how to strategically use YouTube's built-in tools and human behavior to get your video content seen by as many people as possible.